Mittens Pattern #141

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Mittens Pattern #141

Medium Size

1 skein Knitting Worsted (2 oz. skein) Main Color (m.c.)
1 skein Knitting Worsted (2 oz. skein) Contrasting Color (c.c.)
1 set bone sock needles No. 3 and No. 5

GAUGE: 5 sts. = 1 inch

   Dot pattern: 1st round: * K5 m.c., drop m.c., attach c.c. and make a dot as follows: K out of the next st. 5 sts. by going alternately in front and back of the same st. After the 5 sts. are made, pull the first st. over the 4 other sts., then the 2nd st. over the 3 other sts. and so on until only 1 st. in c.c. is left over. Drop c.c. and pick up m.c., repeat from * all around, always carrying c.c. loosely in back of work. K 8 rounds in m.c. 10th round: K 2 m.c., * drop m.c., pick up c.c., make a dot out of next st. drop c.c., pick up m.c. K 5 m.c. repeat from * all around. K 8 rounds in m.c. Repeat these 18 rounds for pattern.
   With m.c. and No. 2 needles, cast on 42 sts. Join and work K1, P1 for 3 inch. Change to No. 4 needles and pattern. Work even for 2 inch. Slip the last worked 8 sts. to a stitchholder, work to end of round. Cast on 8 sts., join and continue to work pattern for 3¼ inch. Now start to decrease for tip: starting over thumb, K2 tog. K17, K2 tog. twice, K17, K2 tog. Work 1 round even (38 sts.). Next round: K2 tog. work 15, K2 tog. twice, work 15. K2 tog. (34 sts.). Work 1 round even. Continue this way decreasing 4 sts. every other round until 18 sts. are left over. Weave sts. together.
   Thumb: Slip sts. from holder back to a needle. Pick up 1 st. in corner. Pick up and K 8 sts. on 8 cast on sts. for thumb and pick up 1 st. in other corner to prevent a hole. K in m.c. for 2¼ inch. K2 tog. across next round. Break yarn leaving about 6 inch. Thread a tapestry needle with this end and run twice through remaining sts., pull sts. tog. and fasten off.
   Work other mitten to correspond.