Wimbledon Cable Stitch Sport Sweater Pattern #3702

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Wimbledon Cable Stitch Sport Sweater Pattern #3702

Size 38
1 Pr. M. M. No. 2½ Needles—10 inch
1 Pr. M. M. No. 4 Needles—14 inch
Scale:—6 sts. to 1 inch
1 Stitch Holder
1 No. 4 Double Pointed Needle—7 inch

White No. 100, 13 Balls
Cardinal No. 138, 1 Ball
Maize No. 135, 1 Ball
Navy No. 134, 1 Ball

Back—With White and No. 4 needles cast on 90 sts., K. 3, P. 3, (ribbing) for 2½ inches, then work in Stockinette st. 2 rows White, 2 rows Cardinal, 4 rows Navy, 1 row Maize, 2 rows Cardinal, 1 row Maize, 4 rows Navy, 2 rows Cardinal. Join White, K. 1 row increasing 1 st. every 5th st. to 107 sts. P. 1 row. Work in pattern as follows:

Row 1—* K. 5, P. 2, K. 8, P. 2, repeat from * across row, ending K. 5.

Row 2—* P. 5, K. 2, P. 8, K. 2, repeat from * across row, ending P. 5.

Row 3—* K. 5, P. 2, slip next 4 sts. on double pointed needle, place in back of work, K. next 4 sts., K. the 4 sts. from the double pointed needle (this forms the cable st.), P. 2, repeat from * across row, ending K. 5.

Row 4—Same as Row 2.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 four times, (8 rows).

Repeat from Row 3 for entire sweater (10 rows to the pattern).

Work even until back measures 24½ inches from start, then work across 34 sts., K. 1 st., P. 1 st., (ribbing) on next 39 sts., work to end of row. Repeat last row 5 times more. On next row, work across 38 sts., slip these sts. on a stitch holder, bind off 31 sts. for back of neck and on remaining 38 sts. work left shoulder. Work even at armhole side and K. first and last 4 sts. at neck end, increasing 1 st. on 5th st. every 4th row 8 times, then every other row 7 times, end at center front, slip sts. on stitch holder.

Work right shoulder to correspond ending at center front, cast on 1 st. and work across sts. from stitch holder. K. 2 sts. less at center front to bring border to a point. Continue front to correspond with back.

SLEEVES—Cast on 99 sts., work in pattern same as back starting K. 1, P. 2, K. 8, P. 2, repeat from * of Row 1, ending K. 1.

Decrease 1 st. each side every 10th row 4 times, then every 8th row 4 times, every 6th row 4 times, every 4th row 7 times.

When sleeve measures 18 inches, decrease 1 st., change to No. 2½ needles and K. 3, P. 3, (ribbing) for 4 inches, bind off.

Sew underarm seams for 16 inches from bottom.

Sew sleeves in place, sew sleeve seams.

NECK BAND—With White and No. 4 needles cast on (loosely) 200 sts., P. 1 row, change to Cardinal, work in striping same as border, decreasing 1 st. at each end every row, work 1 row White, bind off. Join with stripes matching.

Sew or weave to sweater as illustrated.