Knitted Knee Cap Pattern #3730

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Knitted Knee Cap Pattern #3730

1 Pr. M. M. No. 4 Needles—10 inch
Scale:—6 sts. to 1 inch

3 Balls

Cast on 6 sts., K. 8 rows. Increase 1 st. in the 2nd st. every row 20 times, (26 sts. on needle), K. 40 rows plain. Decrease by knitting the 2nd and 3rd st. together every row 20 times. K. 8 rows even.

Pick up and K. 60 sts. along one side and K. 3 rows, then K. in ribbing of K. 2, P. 2, for 27 rows. K. 4 rows plain, then work beading as follows: * K. 1, yarn over, K. 2 together, repeat from * to end of row.

In next row K. the yarn over sts., K. 4 rows plain, bind off loosely. K. on the other side of the center piece in the same manner.

Run elastic through the headings. If a longer cap is desired, rib 40 rows on one side, instead of 27, adding 4 sts. gradually on ribbing at one side for the increased leg size.