Ranleigh Polo Shirt Pattern #3708

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Ranleigh Polo Shirt Pattern #3708

Size 38
1 Pr. No. 1 Steel Needles—12 inch
Scale:—8 sts. to 1 inch
One 6 inch Zipper
1 Stitch Holder

12 Balls

BACK—Cast on 144 sts., K. 1 row, P. 1 row, (Stockinette st.) for ¾ of an inch.

With right side of work toward you, P. 1 row for turn of hem, work ¾ of an inch and on next row fold hem under, insert needle in first st. and through first cast on st., K. as 1 st., * insert needle in next st. and next cast on st., K. as 1st, repeat from * across row to fasten hem, then work even in Stockinette st. for 18 inches. Bind off 10 sts. at the beginning of the next 2 rows for underarm, then decrease 1 st. at each side every other row 2 times.

Work even until armholes measure 8½ inches, then bind off 10 sts. (start of slanting shoulder), K. 33 sts., bind off 34 sts. for back of neck, K. 43, turn. Bind off 10 sts., P. 33, turn, now finish left side of shoulder. Decrease 1 st. at neck end every other row 3 times, continuing to bind off 10 sts. every other row for slanting shoulder. Work right shoulder to correspond.

FRONT—Cast on 144 sts., work same as back to underarm. Bind off 8 sts., K. to center (64 sts.), slip these sts. on a stitch holder and on remaining 72 sts. work right side of front, K. to end of row. Bind off 8 sts., P. across to last 4 sts., K. 4. Work even at front edge, always knitting the last 4 sts. on P. rows for border, and decrease 1 st. at armhole every other row 4 times.

When front opening measures 5½ inches, decrease 1 st. at neck end every other row until 40 sts. remain.

When armhole measures same as back, bind off 10 sts. at beginning of every P. row 4 times for slanting shoulder. Work left side of front to correspond.

SLEEVES—Cast on 124 sts., work hem same as at bottom of shirt. When sleeve measures 5½ inches, bind off 8 sts. at beginning of next 2 rows, then decrease 1 st. each side every other row until 64 sts. remain, bind off.

COLLAR—Cast on 120 sts., K. first and last 4 sts. of P. rows for border. Work even for 1 inch, then increase 1 st. on 5th st. at each end, every other row 9 times, P. 1 row on right side for turn of hem, work 4 rows Stockinette st., bind off, sew hem.

Sew shoulder seams, sew sleeves in place, sew underarm seams, sew collar in place and sew zipper in front opening.