Forest Hills Sleeveless Slip-Over Pattern #3709

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Forest Hills Sleeveless Slip-Over Pattern #3709

Size 38
1 Pr. No. 1 Steel Needles—12 inch
1 Pr. M. M. No. 4½ Needles—14 inch
Scale:—5½ sts. to 1 inch
1 Stitch Holder

5 Balls

Work the back of all three pockets before starting the front. Work back of breast pocket first.

On No. 4½ needles cast on 18 sts., K. 1 row, P. 1 row, (Stockinette st.) for 3½ inches, ending on a K. row, slip sts. on stitch holder. Now work two backs for the lower pockets. On No. 1 needles cast on 24 sts. and work in ribbing same as band for 4 inches, slip sts. on stitch holder, then start front.

FRONT—With No. 1 needles cast on 88 sts., K. 1 st., P. 1 st., (ribbing) for 5 inches.

On next row work pockets as follows: Work 9 sts., bind off 24 sts. (knitting the K. sts. and purling the P. sts.), work 22 sts., bind off 24 sts., work 9 sts.

On next row work 9 sts. then P. the 24 sts. of first pocket off stitch holder, and work across next 22 sts., then P. the 24 sts. of 2nd pocket off stitch holder; work last 9 sts., increase 1 st. in last st. (89 sts.).

Change to No. 4½ needles and work in pattern as follows:

Row 1—K. 4, * P. 1, K. 4, repeat from * across row.

Row 2—P. 4, * K. 1, P. 4, repeat from * across row.

Row 3—Same as Row 1.

Row 4—Same as Row 2.

Row 5—Purl.

Row 6—Same as Row 2.

Row 7—Same as Row 1.

Row 8—Same as Row 2.

Row 9—Same as Row 1.

Row 10—K.

Repeat these 10 rows for entire sweater.

Work even until front measures 14 inches from start to underarm, then bind off 3 sts. at the beginning of the next 2 rows (keeping pattern even), then decrease 1 st. each side every other row 2 times by knitting the 6th and 7th st. together, always knitting the first and last 5 sts. on purled rows for armhole border.

On next row work pocket as follows: K. 5 sts., K. 2 sts. together, work 4 sts., bind off 18 sts., work to end of row.

On next row K. 5, K. 2 together. Work 31 sts., K. 3 (start of neck border), work 9 sts., then work the 18 sts. of back of pocket from stitch holder, work to end of row. K. 2 sts. more at center of purled rows (knitting same sts. on right side) until there are 11 K. sts. at center.

On next row start V neck as follows: Work across 38 sts., slip these sts. on a stitch holder, bind off 1 st. and on remaining 38 sts. Work right front. Continue to K. 5 sts. at each side on P. rows for borders, knitting the 6th and 7th st. together at neck end every 4th row until 25 sts. remain, ending at neck end, slip sts. on a stitch holder. Pick up the 38 sts. and work left front to correspond, ending at armhole.

Work across 25 sts., cast on 27 sts. for back of neck, work across 25 sts. of right shoulder.

Continue to K. first and last 5 sts. for border at armhole, and K. 37 sts. across back of neck for 10 rows, then working across back in pattern, finish to correspond with front increasing at armholes same as decreased at front.

With No. 4½ needles pick up the 18 bound off sts. of breast pocket, K. 8 rows, bind off, sew sides to sweater, sew back of pockets to inside of sweater, sew underarm seams.