Newburgh Cable Stitch Slip-Over Pattern #3721

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Newburgh Cable Stitch Slip-Over Pattern #3721

Size 34
1 Pr. No. 1 Steel Needles—12 inch
1 Pr. M. M. No. 3 Needles—14 inch
1 Double Pointed Sock Needle
Scale:—7 sts. to 1 inch

7 Balls

BACK—With No. 1 needles cast on 136 sts., K. 1 st., P. 1 st., (ribbing) for 5 inches.

Change to No. 3 needles and work pattern as follows:

Row 1—K. 1, * P. 3, K. 8, P. 3, K. 1, repeat from * across row.

Row 2—K. 4, P. 8, * K. 7, P. 8, repeat from * across row, K. last 4 sts.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2, two times more (6 rows).

Row 7—K. 1, * P. 3, slip the next 4 sts. on the double pointed needle, place in front of work and K. next 4 sts., then K. the 4 sts. from the double pointed needle starting with first st. (this forms the twist or Cable st.), P. 3, K. 1, repeat from * across row.

Row 8—Same as Row 2.

Row 9—Same as Row 1.

Row 10—Same as Row 2.

Repeat these 10 rows 5 times more (60 rows).

On first row of next pattern start armhole, bind off 4 sts. at the beginning of the next 2 rows, then decrease one st. at the beginning of every row 16 times (112 sts. remaining). Work even until 15 patterns from ribbing, then on Row 1 of next pattern, work across 36 sts., bind off 40 sts. for back of neck and on remaining 36 sts. work left shoulder. K. 2 sts. together at neck end every row 3 times, then on 33 sts. work 2 rows even, then work Row 7.

This is center of shoulder. Now increase 1 st. at neck end every 3rd row for V neck 23 times.

Work right shoulder to correspond, join and finish front, increasing armholes to correspond with back.

NECK BAND—With No. 1 needles cast on 8 sts., K. 1 row, P. 1 row, for 26 inches, bind off, fold lengthwise and sew to neck, join at center front to shape V.

SLEEVE BANDS—Work same as neck band for 20 inches. Sew to armholes, sew underarm seams.