Leith Fair Isle Sweater Pattern #3718

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Leith Fair Isle Sweater Pattern #3718

Size 38
1 No. 1 Steel Circular Needle—29 inch
1 No. 3 Steel Circular Needle—29 inch
1 Pr. M. M. No. 3½ Needles—14 inch
Scale:—7 sts. to 1 inch

Powder, No. 991, 2 Balls
Polo, No. 995, 3 Balls
Blue, No. 987, 2 Balls
Sandalwood, No. 985, 4 Balls

SWEATER—Starting at bottom, with Sandal­wood and No. 1 steel circular needle, cast on 240 sts., join, (being careful not to twist sts.). K. 1 st., P. 1 st., (ribbing) for 4½ inches, change to No. 3 steel circular needle, then K. 1 row increasing 8 sts. by knitting 2 sts. in every 30th st. (248 sts.), K. 1 row.

Now follow chart on this page for 10 inches (carrying colors at back of work, being careful not to draw yarn taut), then start armholes as follows:

Bind off 5 sts. (left underarm). K. 114 sts. (front), bind off 10 sts. (right underarm), K. to end of row (across back), turn, now with M. M. No. 3½ needles bind off 5 sts. and on 114 sts. work back and forth in Stockinette st. for back, following chart to shoulder, decreasing 1 st. each side every other row 7 times, (100 sts. remaining).

When armholes measure 8½ inches, bind off 5 sts. at beginning of every row 12 times (30 sts. for each slanting shoulder), keeping pattern even, bind off remaining sts. for back of neck.

FRONT—Work sts. from circular needle to straight needle, decrease 1 st. every other row for armholes 10 times, at the same time when ½ inch from underarm, start V neck as follows: Work to center of front, slip these sts. on stitch holder, on remaining sts. work right front, de­crease 1 st. at neck end every 4th row 17 times.

When armhole measures 8½ inches, bind off for slanting shoulder in same manner as back. Work left front to correspond.

NECK BAND—With No. 1 needles and Sandalwood, pick up and K. 40 sts. across the back, K. 1 st., P. 1 st., for 8 rows, bind off.

Pick up and K. 106 sts. across front, K. 1 st., P. 1 st., for 8 rows, working 2 sts. together at center front every row to shape V, bind off loosely. Sew shoulder seams.

SLEEVE BANDS—With No. 1 steel Needles and Sandalwood, pick up 116 sts. around armhole, work back and forth. K. 1 st., P. 1 st., for 8 rows, bind off.

Leith Fair Isle Sweater Pattern #3718