Irvington Cardigan Pattern #3714

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Irvington Cardigan Pattern #3714

Size 38
1 Pr. M. M. No. 3½ Needles—14 inch
1 Pr. M. M. No. 4 Needles—14 inch
Scale:—5½ sts. to 1 inch
1 Stitch Holder

5 Skeins

BACK—With No. 3½ needles cast on 92 sts., K. 13 rows.

Change to No. 4 needles and work in Stockinette st. for 17 inches, bind off 3 sts. at the beginning of the next 2 rows for underarm, then decrease 1 st. each side every other row 3 times (80 sts. on needle).

Work even until armholes measure 9 inches. On next row start to slant shoulders as follows: K. 75, turn, P. 70, turn, K. 65, turn, P. 60.

Continue to work 5 sts. less at end of each row until 30 sts. remain, bind off for back of neck. Slip 25 sts. of right shoulder on stitch holder.

On 25 sts. start left front. Increase 1 st. at neck end every 4th row 14 times, increasing at armhole to correspond with back, casting on 5 sts. for underarm. Work even for 13 inches, then work pocket opening as follows: K. 16 sts., slip next 23 sts. on a stitch holder, cast on 23 sts., K. 7.

Continue front to correspond with back.

Work right front to correspond.

SLEEVES—With right side of work toward you, pick up and K. 30 sts. across top of shoulder, then pick up 3 sts. at end of every row until all sts. are picked up around armhole (88 sts.), then decrease 1 st. each side every inch 16 times (56 sts. on needle).

Work even until sleeve measures 18 inches or desired length. Change to No. 3½ needles, K. 1 st., P. 1 st., (ribbing for 4 inches).

BAND—With No. 3½ needles cast on 8 sts., K. 6 rows.

On next row work buttonhole as follows: K. 2, bind off 4, K. 1. On next row cast on 4 sts. over those bound off.

Work another buttonhole in same manner every 3½ inches 5 times more, then continue band until long enough to fit around neck and right front.

Sew band to sweater with buttonholes at left front.

POCKETS—Pick up the 23 sts. from stitch holder, work in Stockinette st. for 4 inches, bind off. Sew to inside of sweater.

POCKET BANDS—With No. 3½ needles pick up the 23 cast on sts., K. 12 rows, bind off.

Sew sides to sweater. Sew underarm seams.