Golf Mittens Pattern #3729

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Golf Mittens Pattern #3729

Size 7
2 No. 13 Steel Sock Needles
Scale:—8 sts. to 1 inch
1 No. 2 Steel Crochet Hook

1 Ball

LEFT MITTEN—Cast on 60 sts. K. 1 st., P. 1 st., (ribbing) for 3 inches, then work in pattern st.

Row 1—K. across row.

Row 2—(Wrong side) * P. 1 st., K. 2 sts., repeat from * across row, repeat these 2 pattern rows 5 times more (12 rows), then start to increase for thumb as follows:

Row 13—K. 7 sts., K. 2 sts. in next st., K. 2 sts., K. 2 sts. in next st., K. 49 sts. to end of row.

Row 14—Bind off 8 sts. for palm, then work pattern across row, knitting the 2 increased sts., being careful to keep pattern even on remaining sts.

Row 15—K. 7, K. 2 sts. in next st., K. 4, K. 2 sts. in next st., K. to end of row.

Row 16—Work pattern across row, K. the 2 increased sts.

Row 17—K. across.

Row 18—K. 2 together, work pattern across 38 sts., then increase in next st. Work 6 sts. in pattern, increase in next st., work to end of row.

Now increase every 3rd row until there are 33 rows of pattern st.

On next row, slip 20 thumb sts. on thread and cast on 4 sts. over thumb. Work 10 more rows in pattern, then K. 1 st., P. 1 st., (ribbing) for 4 rows, bind off, but do not break yarn.

With crochet hook Ch. 3½ inches and slip st. to opposite end of ribbing (across palm). Join seam to 8 bound off sts., then S. C. all around opening of palm and chain.

Work 3 short chains and fasten between fingers to hold mitten in place.

Work right mitten to correspond.