Knitted Scarf Pattern #3723

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Knitted Scarf Pattern #3723

Size 9 x 45
1 Pr. No. 2 Steel Needles—10 inch
Scale:—8 sts. to 1 inch

Navy No. 1116
2 Balls

Cast on 72 sts., K. 16 rows, then work Block pattern as follows:

Row 1—K. 8 sts., * P. 8 sts., K. 8 sts., repeat from * across row.

Row 2—K. 16 sts., * P. 8 sts., K. 8 sts., repeat from * ending with K. 16.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for 14 rows, then start next set of Blocks same as Row 2, then Row 1, always K. the first and last 8 sts. (at each side) for border throughout.

When scarf measures 42 inches, K. 16 rows, bind off. Crochet a fringe at each end as follows:

1 S. C. in first st., draw up the loop on hook to 4 inch length, keep loop on hook, 1 S. C. in next st., draw up a loop same length, continue across row, always keep one or two loops on hook to gauge length of new loop. Cut loops desired length.