Two-Tone Jacket Pattern #736-19

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Directions are for Size 12. Changes for Sizes 14, 16 and 18 are in parentheses.

Columbia-Minerva Knitting Worsted (4 oz skein) - Main Color (MC) - 3(3-4-4) skeins and Contrasting Color (CC) - 2(2-3-3) skeins
Columbia-Minerva Calypso Germantown Knitting Worsted (2 or 4 oz skein) - Main Color (MC) - 12(14-16-18) ozs and Contrasting Color (CC) - 8(10-12-14) ozs

Knitting Needles: 1 pair "Boye" Size 8 - 14 inch and 1 "Boye" steel crochet hook Size 0

Gauge: 5 sts to 1 inch; 7 rows to 1 inch

PATTERN STITCH: Multiple of 2 sts plus 1. Row 1 - Right side: With MC, K 1 through back of st, * with yarn in back sl 1 as if to P, K 1 through back of st, repeat from * across. Row 2: P. Row 3: With CC, sl 1 as if to P, * K 1 through back of st, sl 1, repeat from * across. Row 4: P. Repeat these 4 rows for pat.

BACK: With MC cast on 87(91-97-101) sts. Work in pat until back measures 14½(14½-15-15) inches or desired length. Armholes: Bind off 5(5-6-6) sts at beg of next 2 rows. Dec 1 st each side every other row 5(6-6-7) times - 67(69-73-75) sts on needle. Work until armholes measure 7¾(8-8¼-8½) inches straight above bound-off sts. Shoulders: Bind off 7(8-8-8) sts at beg of next 4(4-6-4) rows, then on Sizes 12, 14 and 18 only bind off 8(7-9) sts at beg of next 2 rows. Bind off rem'ing 23(23-25-25) sts.

POCKET LININGS - Make 2: With MC cast on 27 sts. Work in St St for 4 inches, ending with a K row. Sl sts onto st holder.

LEFT FRONT: With MC cast on 51(53-57-61) sts. Work in pat until front measures 4½ inches, ending with a P row. Pocket: Starting at side edge, work 5(5-7-9) sts, bind off next 25 sts, work to end of row. Next row P to 1 st before opening, P 1 st of front tog with 1 st of pocket lining, P 25 sts of lining, P last st of lining tog with next st of front, P to end of row. Work until front measures 8 inches from start. Neck and Armhole: Dec 1 st at front edge for neck. Dec 1 st at neck edge every 6th row 13(13-11-11) times more, then every 4th row 5(5-9-10) times AND AT THE SAME TIME when front measures same as back to underarm, bind off 5(5-6-6) sts at side edge for armhole.

Dec 1 st at armhole edge every other row 5(6-6-8) times - 22(23-24-25) sts rem after last dec at neck. If necessary work until armhole measures same as on back. Shoulder: Bind off 7(8-8-8) sts at armhole edge 2(2-3-2) times, then on Sizes 12, 14 and 18 only bind off 8(7-9) sts at same edge once.

RIGHT FRONT: Work to correspond to Left Front, reversing the shaping and working first buttonhole 1½ inches from start as follows: Starting at front edge, work 3 sts, bind off next 3 sts, work to end of row. Next row cast on 3 sts over the bound-off sts. Repeat buttonhole ½ inch below first dec at neck.

SLEEVES: With MC cast on 63(65-69-71) sts. Work in pat until sleeve measures 8(8-8½-8½) inches or desired length. Cap of Sleeve: Bind off 5(5-6-6) sts at beg of next 2 rows. Dec 1 st each side every other row until 23 sts rem. Bind off 2 sts at beg of next 6 rows. Bind off rem'ing 11 sts.

COLLAR: With MC cast on 223(223-227-227) sts for outer edge. Work in pat for 2 rows. Bind off 3 sts at beg of next 30 rows. Bind off rem'ing 133(133-137-137) sts for neck edge. Edging: On right side of work, with MC work 1 row of sl st on outer edge. Ch 1, turn and work 1 sc through front loop only of each sl st.

Sew shoulder seams. Sew sleeves in place, sew under­arm and sleeve seams. Sew pocket linings in place on wrong side. Sew collar in place. Work edging on front edges, lower edge of sleeves and top of pockets, work­ing a 2nd row of sc through both loops on pockets.

Be Sure Your Stitch Gauge Is Correct

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